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What is the silicone cover for? The Quest 2 Silicone Cover is a medical grade silicone cover that is designed to fit over the Quest 2 removable foam facial interface. Oculus has recently taken actions in response to a small percentage of users reporting a skin irritation where the foam portion of the Quest 2 facial interface rests on the skin. 2*Magic cable tie1*Backpack strap1*Mesh bag1*Silicone face cover pad1*Silicone lens protector1*Hard carry case1*User guide Carry Case Fits Quest 1/2 Elite Strap and KIWI design Upgraded Elite Strap - Upgraded version storage case, exclusively designed to compatible with stock elite strap, fits Quest 1 and Quest 2 hea. With 138 Built- in designs and 11 embroidery fonts, it is great for novice and intermediate crafters alike. The Hope Diamond is a 45.52-carat (9.104 g) diamond originally extracted in the 17th century from the Kollur Mine in Guntur, India. ... You can make a fabric coaster (like the awesome one above from Kreative Kiwi) without even getting out. KIWI design Silicone Ear Muffs for Oculus Quest/Quest 2 VR Headset, A Enhancing Sound Solution ... KIWI design Silicone Face Cover Pad for Oculus Quest 2 with Lens Protector, Replacement. Guide-in-China ... Sale price $31 99 $31.99 Regular price $39 99 $39.99 Save $8 "Close (esc)" Quick shop. KIWI design Silicone Grip Cover for Oculus Quest 2.

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